Wheel Lift Towing

A wheel lift is a common tow truck that is available from many tow truck companies. The tow truck is equipped with hydraulic booms and a metal crossbar at the top. The crossbar is placed at either the front or rear pair of wheels; once in position, the wheels are lifted so that the remaining pair of wheels are on the ground. The transmission of the towed vehicle will determine if the front or rear wheels are lifted. This system is usually used to tow 2-wheel drive vehicles over short distances. It is also appropriate for towing vehicles in confined spaces.

Wheel Lift Towing for 2-wheel or 4-wheel drives

Our wheel lift tow trucks are outfitted with a hydraulic lift at the rear of the vehicle. Our towing technician can use a metal lift to lift either the front or rear of your vehicle when loading it. This, however, is dependent on the type of transmission in your car. If the vehicle is 4-wheel-drive, we will use a tow dolly because towing the wheels of a 4-wheel-drive vehicle will harm the transmission. We will lift the wheels and move them to a tow dolly. We will begin towing the vehicle once the wheels are secured to the tow dolly. Towing 2-wheel drives, as well as short distances, wheel lift is commonly favored. Wheel lift trucks have the advantage of being able to tow cars that have been stuck in low clearance parking, parallel parking, or on narrow roads.

Tight Space or Low Clearance Towing

We will remove your vehicle from a tight parking space or with low clearance if required. Using our wheel lift service in Los Angeles will assist you in resolving some of your urgent roadside issues. Towing operators use a metal yoke on wheel lift tow trucks to lift either the front or rear pair of wheels of the vehicle. Short-distance towing is ideal for wheel lift tow trucks. The advantage of wheel lift over flatbed towing is accessibility, as flatbed towing can be difficult in tight spaces. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you want our wheel lift towing service.

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