Tire Repair

People who enjoy traveling, or who simply commute long distances, are aware that they may encounter roadside situations while traveling. Excessive heat, humidity, rain, or even overworking the engine can cause the vehicle to break down, develop a flat tire, or even break down completely. Since you never know when anything like this will happen, you need to be prepared with 24-hour roadside assistance. West Hills Towing Services is the go-to roadside assistance for drivers in West Hills, CA. Our packages tailored for drivers who need roadside assistance the most, such as tire repair service, can effectively eliminate unnecessary costs. With our services, you can travel without any worries.

Reason for Tire Repair

There are many reasons why you should put a spare tire on your car right away. The main concern is that if the vehicle is moving, the tire could burst, putting the driver in dangerous situations. Another explanation is that if there is moisture on the ground, water can get within the steel belt of your tire. The steel belt can corrode as a result, and it may no longer be able to hold a tire onto it. This would be much more of a hassle than coping with a punctured tire because you would have to replace the whole tire.

On the other hand, if the tire is slightly damaged, or the damage is repairable, we can help you get a quick fix for it. If the puncture is one-fourth of an inch from the tread, the tire can be fixed. A tire can only be fixed twice; however, if the damage occurs within sixteen inches of the previous damage, the tire must be replaced entirely. This is because if the previous puncture’s damage is too close to the current puncture, the tire is more likely to burst. If the tire can be fixed, it will be fitted with a plug, patch, or valve stem.

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It is during these trying times when you may want to consider calling for help in the form of a roadside assistance company like ours. However, wouldn’t it be great if we could some avoid getting a flat altogether? If your tire cannot be fixed, it might be time to consider replacing it. One of our tire experts at West Hills Towing Services will be delighted to address the various types of tires available for all-wheel-drive, front-wheel-drive, rear-wheel-drive, and four-wheel-drive vehicles.

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