Light Duty Towing

Our towing company is known for offering excellent towing and customer service in West Hills, CA. As a result of our excellent customer service, we are consistently the most popular towing company in the region. At West Hills Towing Services, we are experienced in light duty towing. We are available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Light Duty Towing Done by Experienced Staff Using the Best Equipment

Light duty towing includes towing automobiles, motorbikes, small trucks, or vans. Light-duty vehicles are those that weigh less than or equal to ten thousand pounds. Our towing team evaluates each towing task and there are various keys to effective and safe towing. These considerations are critical in determining which tow truck equipment and type should be dispatched.

Smaller and lighter vehicles are typically involved in light-duty towing situations. Roadside assistance can also be included in these roadside situations. For example, the vehicle has been damaged by a flat tire or a damaged wheel, and the vehicle needs to be towed. It’s usually possible to do it with a flatbed tow truck. Our tow truck drivers are highly qualified, dependable, and courteous. Each is fully experienced, has a spotless safety record, and has undergone thorough background checks and drug tests.

Our tow trucks are maintained and kept in top condition. They are assigned to meet the particular requirements of your towing work, big or small. Everyone is also outfitted with the most up-to-date communications and a full emergency equipment kit, ensuring that our drivers are prepared for any emergency they may encounter.

Striving to be the Best Towing Company in the Region

Customer loyalty is what differentiates us at West Hills Towing Services. We strive to never keep a customer waiting. Our services are designed to get our customers out of challenging situations involving their vehicles while also ensuring that they are completed on time. We strive for excellent service, and we make certain that your car is not harmed in the process. So, if you are stuck in traffic or there are not any cars in the area where your car broke down, our services will always be there to assist you. And in the event of an emergency, our equipment and trained dispatchers are on standby, meaning they are available at all times. The safety of your vehicle is also our top priority; be rest assured your car is in safe hands.

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