Jump Start

West Hills Towing Services provides 24/7 roadside assistance, including car jump start services. Our main responsibility is to ensure your safety on the roads round-the-clock. We have an amazingly reliable roadside crew covering the West Hills, CA, and neighboring areas. Timing is a vital aspect that distinguishes a professional from an amateur. We will be at your place in a short amount of time to assist you. If the battery isn’t starting properly, don’t worry because we will have you covered.

When Will You Need a Jump Start

There are a variety of items that can drain your power, like failing to switch off the car headlights, interior lights, or radio, or leaving the trunk or car door partially open. Whatever the outcome, you’ll need a jumpstart to get your car back on the road. If you live in Brooklyn or the surrounding area, Anthony’s Towing Service will help you jumpstart your vehicle and get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

When you try to start your car, listen for a click; this is a good sign that your battery needs to be charged. Check to see if the car lights or radio were left on, or if the door or trunk were left open by mistake. If all is out of whack, you can have a parasitic drain. If your car unexpectedly loses power after hitting a pothole on the lane, check for a loose battery link that is preventing your car from charging properly. Most batteries last for four to five years, but batteries that are less than two years old should not be replaced unless something is seriously wrong.

We Can Help You with Quick Roadside Assistance

Prepare for any sort of emergency you may encounter while driving by knowing who to contact in an emergency. When your car breaks down in the West Hills area, emergency roadside assistance is just a phone call away. We not only arrive with a sense of urgency, but we also deliver some of the most competitive roadside service prices. You can be assured that our technicians will arrive to assist you in getting out of your current vehicle situation and getting you back on the road as soon as possible.

Car jump starts, dead battery replacement and recharge, 24/7 auto lockout solutions, gas delivery, flat tire repair, accident recovery, and many more are among our roadside assistance services. We also have a wide range of towing services. For our highly skilled roadside technicians, jump starting a vehicle is a piece of cake. We will stop alongside your vehicle and break out the jumper cables before connecting them to the dead battery. Since this procedure can be hazardous, make sure you leave the works to the professionals!

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