Heavy Duty Towing

West Hills Towing Services is your source for heavy duty towing services. Based in West Hills CA, we are equipped to handle a variety of heavy-duty vehicles. Heavy-duty trucks are difficult to transport due to their sheer size. Our team’s main qualifications are experience and proper training. All vehicles in our possession are recovered and transferred safely. In a nutshell, you will be safe. Not only in the West Hills area but also in the surrounding cities, our heavy duty towing services are secured and reliable. If your vehicle needs long-distance or local towing, our team will arrive promptly and assist you in getting out of your jam.

Heavy Duty Towing to Save the Problems and Headache

The heavy truck being towed is often not even owned by the individual who requested the tow. Heavy trucks, in particular, are often leased. If you are responsible for towing it rather than the commercial company, you would undoubtedly need the assistance of a reputable towing company. Otherwise, you could be held responsible for further injury. Then you could point the finger at the tow truck drivers, and suddenly everyone involved is dealing with a major headache. All of your problems can be avoided by simply calling a heavy truck towing company that you know would do an excellent job.

Heavy truck vehicles are costly because they are big and functional. Finding a replacement part for a tractor is not the same as finding a replacement part for a vehicle. Towing any vehicle is risky, but more damage to a tractor while it’s being towed can be much more expensive. Any towing company should strive to transport a broken-down vehicle from point one location to another without causing further damage. This is an aim that extends to all wheeled creations. As a result, you must hire a towing company with experience towing non-traditional vehicles.

Reasonable in Prices, and Fully Professional

Our heavy-duty towing service is reasonably priced to fit all budgets. We believe in keeping our prices as low as possible for both business and residential customers. Also for heavy-duty towing, our pricing is straightforward and transparent, so you can relax knowing there are no surprises. West Hills Towing Services is proud to be a part of the group, and we strive to form long-term relationships with our customers.

You will be impressed by our full professionalism from the moment you call us. You will talk with one of our polite and courteous dispatchers, who will take your information, answer all of your questions, communicate with our fleet, and send a tow truck to your location as soon as possible.

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