Flatbed Towing

We are a dependable local towing company. Our towing crew is made up of professionals you can rely on. Towing technicians are well-trained and dedicated to delivering high-quality towing service at all times. With precision and protection, we provide excellent flatbed towing for a wide range of vehicles. Flatbed towing is widely regarded as the most reliable towing process. In fact, flatbed tow trucks do not tow vehicles; rather, they transport them on the back of a platform that resembles a flatbed.

You may need towing services either due to a vehicle breakdown or involved in a car accident. The priority is to get your vehicle to where it needs to as quickly and safely as you can. Flatbed towing is a lot safer as a vehicle can be completely secured onto the flatbed tow truck. Flatbed trucks have features that can pull vehicles onto the flatbed platform should the vehicles have become inoperable. Once the vehicle gets on the tow truck, it will be secured in place.

Flatbed towing has the following benefits:

Safety on the Road

Flatbed towing is much safer than conventional towing. Since conventional towing puts the vehicle in danger of being struck by other moving vehicles. The vehicle would also be at risk of being struck by other cars, as with conventional towing.

Free of damages

One of the primary benefits of using a flatbed is that it provides a damage-free towing experience. As previously stated, the towed vehicle will be secured and locked onto the back of the tow truck. Since the tires will be kept on the flatbed, they will not be worn out.

Flatbed towing can be used for the following purposes:


Motorcycles are smaller in size, so extra caution in handling is needed. It can be quickly brought by truck and transported to the next location by using flatbed tow trucks.

All-Wheel-Drive Vehicles

All-wheel drive vehicles benefit greatly from this towing. This is since pulling the vehicle on wheels regularly can cause transmission harm. This can be avoided by using a flatbed so the vehicle is carried by the tow truck rather than pulled on the ground.

Heavy-Duty Vehicles

Contrary to popular belief, flatbed tow trucks are ideal for towing mini-trucks. It can be pulled by a mixture of flatbed and lowboy for larger and heavier trucks.

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